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Gang-up, Threat to life of MURIC Director, Prof. Lakin Akintola

There were gang-up that singled out the Director of Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, Prof Akintola from the supporters of Amotekun who felt aggrieved by his criticism of the security outfit and his stands for the oppressed Muslims in Nigeria.

A death threat with the title, ‘THIS COBRA NEEDS TO BE KILLED’ was widely shared on social media particularly on WhatsApp platforms where the call was made for the assassination of Prof Akintola.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, January 28, MURIC said a twitter handler directed a death threat to Professor Ishaq Akintola about a week ago, adding that the writer wrote a chilling comment on Aintola’s picture and posted it.

The statement also noted that the post was, in turn, screenshot from the Whatshap status of a contact who identified herself as Tosin Elizabeth a.k.a ‘Hidee’ with telephone number 08163964812.

“There is one big cobra we must kill, before it kills all of us with its venom. This MURIC man, Professor Ishaq Akintola, must be tamed, else he will succeed in destroying Yorubaland with venom from his religious stupidity,” the exact threat message in part.

In a bid to counter MURIC Director on Amotekun, a faceless Islamic group, the Coalition of Progressive Yoruba Islamic Groups (COPYIG) accused him of desperately working to destabilise Yorubaland and spur the region into an inter-religious conflict.

The group argued that Prof Akintola has dedicated his entire lifetime to the promotion of religious distrust, cruel hatred, violence, armed rebellion against Yoruba people and their history and religious bigotry.

However, checks by Muslim News discovered that the allegations against Prof. Akintola by the faceless group are tissues of lies as there was no time he ever advocated or called for what he was accused of. Instead, our findings revealed that he has on several occasions promoted unity of Nigerians even as he called for Muslims rights to be respected.

Prof. Akintola, who was among the Muslim News 2019 Personalities of the Year has on several occasions tackled and condemned Boko Haram, the dreaded terrorist group who hide under Islam to indiscriminately kill Nigerians irrespective of their religious leanings.

Findings by Muslim News further revealed that COPYIG is a faceless group unknown to the Muslim Media Practitioners of Nigeria (MMPN), an umbrella body for the Nigerian Muslims in the media.

One of the Muslim journalists who preferred to remain anonymous for security reason said.

“Yes, its obvious it’s a caricature group. If it is a Coalition of Muslim Groups, at least, they should be able to mention all the organisations that formed the Coalition but they won’t because they are a faceless group purposely created to attack Prof Akintola and anyone seen as a stumbling block to the Amotekun agenda.”

Several other personalities, including the former Minister of Aviation, Mr Femi Fani Kayode (FFK) and a newspaper columnist, Dare Babrinsa, among others, have at different times castigated Prof. Akintola for standing for Islam and defending the oppressed Muslims.

But Prof. Akintola has since vowed neither to be intimidated nor silenced by the forces of oppression until the oppressed Muslims are liberated.

Source: Muslim news

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Gang-up, Threat to life of MURIC Director, Prof. Lakin Akintola
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